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Our response to Covid-19

High Street in Hertfordshire with social distancing markers painted on the floor

In Hertfordshire, we’re continuing to work hard and focus on how best to protect, preserve and recover with some of our key employment sectors hit heavily by the coronavirus outbreak.

Before COVID-19, our economy was very strong as a key contributor to UK Plc. It will continue to be, but now a different approach is needed. It makes sense to look at long-term interventions, working with our partners and providing support while being adaptable to constant change in the economic landscape.

The Hertfordshire Growth Board has developed a comprehensive approach to place-based work that adopts a long-term view of the county’s economic, strategic planning and infrastructure needs.

We reacted swiftly to take stock of current priorities in that work programme and put a ‘COVID-19 recovery and economic restart’ lens over them. Many of these – such as growth corridors, joint spatial plans, new communities and town centre regeneration as well as supporting our key employment sectors – will remain high on our list of priorities, while others such as digital reconfiguration will inevitably be more important as we look to a future characterised by a far greater working-from-home culture.

The need to support the creation of new jobs and the recovery of our key sectors is clearly now far more acute than it was at the start of 2020.

We want everybody to be confident that the right steps are being taken to support economic recovery and good growth through the place-based innovation we are planning, now and in the future.