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First meeting held as Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Development Board story continues to grow

Published: 11 November 2021HIDB at Brocket HallThe first meeting of the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Development Board took place at Brocket Hall, near Welwyn Garden City

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The inaugural meeting of the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Development Board (HIDB) today (11 November) is the latest clear indication that the county means business in its aspiration to deliver the best possible growth for its residents.

A total of 30 organisations have joined the HIDB since a proposal for its formation was approved at a September meeting of the Hertfordshire Growth Board, which established the forum to ensure effective communication and maintain strong relations with the construction and development Industry. This epitomises the collaborative ethos of the Growth Board itself.

With all of those organisations in attendance as the HIDB’s first meeting was held near Welwyn Garden City, it shows that joined-up approach and close engagement between the public sector and development industry was welcome and will be vital in the coming years.

The HIDB brings together the 11 Hertfordshire councils which form the Growth Board as well as Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership, while MPC and Curtin & Co were partners on the formation of the HIDB.

Its primary objective is to enable a beneficial working relationship with the development and construction sector to help to deliver the infrastructure and up to 100,000 new homes that are needed in Hertfordshire by the mid-2030s.

“It is extremely encouraging and pleasing to see that so many in the construction sector have become members of the Infrastructure and Development Board, and that such a large number attended the first meeting today.

Linda Haysey, Chair of the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Development Board, and also Leader of East Herts District Council and Chair of Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Planning Partnership, said:

“As was shown today, it is also providing a vital channel for engagement and communication with the industry which, as we’ve said before, will make sure matters around growth and development are treated in a really inclusive way for many years to come.”

Richard Roberts, Leader of Hertfordshire County Council and Chair of Hertfordshire Growth Board, said:

“I am delighted that the Growth Board has been able to lead in establishing the Infrastructure and Development Board, which has been formed at such a pivotal time for our county as we aim to deliver the high-quality sustainable growth needed to ensure Hertfordshire is a county fit for the future.

“To achieve this, it is absolutely fundamental to have effective engagement with the construction sector, and the Infrastructure and Development Board will make sure we have that, as well as giving us the opportunity at these meetings to provide feedback from our communities as it is incredibly important that residents feel part of the process.”

It is NOT too late to join the Hertfordshire Infrastructure and Development Board – any organisations in the development sector who are interested in joining the HIDB should email Chris Criscione at or visit the HIDB web page for more information.