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Hertfordshire: prepared to pioneer, ready to do the difficult, to build on success and shape a future of opportunity…

CGI showing aerial view of Brookfield Riverside, Broxbourne

Creating a strong sense of place: Brookfield Riverside (CGI), Broxbourne

Future townscape: View of TJX Europe Head Office from Clarendon Road, Watford (CGI)

Future townscape: View of TJX Europe Head Office from Clarendon Road, Watford (CGI)

Elevated shot of busy Cassiobury Park, Watford (CGI)

Sustainable communities: Cassiobury Park, Watford (CGI)

Good growth: Aerial view of Hemel Hempstead

Good growth: Aerial view of Hemel Hempstead

Get ahead of change

Hertfordshire Growth Board is the way the county is now working together to manage future growth and support economic recovery. Our ambition is to continually improve life for everyone. This means we are committed to creating happy, healthy, green communities so that everyone can feel they belong in Hertfordshire and can benefit from its success. It means making places that contribute to people’s health, happiness and well-being without compromising the future or our environment. It means ensuring that Hertfordshire continues to contribute to the UK and national economy while developing a sustainable local economy for the benefit of all of its residents. 

Together we can tackle some of today’s challenges and create opportunities for tomorrow. 

Our ambition
To continually improve life for everyone

Our vision
Happy, healthy, diverse communities who feel they belong and get more out of life. A place that grows without compromising the character that makes it special. An economy and infrastructure that puts Hertfordshire people first.

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Only in Hertfordshire

Icon of a roundabout

The first modern roundabout was built in Letchworth Garden City in 1909

Icon of a plane flying towards sky

The world's first jet airliner was the British de Havilland DH 106 Comet, developed by de Havilland at Hatfield Aerodrome

Icon of satellite orbiting the earth

The world's very first satellite that can monitor the planet's winds called Aeolus was built in Stevenage

Icon of a hand holding a plant germinating

The oldest agricultural research station in the world, Rothamsted Research, is in Harpenden.

Environment icon

Hertfordshire is the home of the Garden City Movement, based on the ideas of its founder Ebenezer Howard

Homes icon

Stevenage was the first designated New Town in 1946

Icon of a golf flag and green

The first 18-hole golf course was built at Therfield Heath, Royston, in 1892 but evidence suggests golf was played on the Therfield chalk hills as early as 1624.

Icon of a cockerel

The oldest pub in the world is Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St Albans which dates back to the eighth century.

Icon of Harry Potter glasses and scar

Elstree Studios is the birthplace of Star Wars. 
All eight of the Harry Potter films were filmed at Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden (WBSL).

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