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December 2020 HGB Meeting – Agenda Item 5

Published: 18 December 2020

Hertfordshire Growth Board (HGB) – Growth Board Programmes Update
Report Author: Patsy Dell, Hertfordshire Growth Board (Tel: 07949 887794)

1. Purpose of report

1.1 This report provides a short update on the overall progress of the key Growth Board programmes and projects since October 2020.

1.2 Attached at Appendix 1 are the updates from the latest Growth Corridor Programme Board meetings, held monthly to review progress on the Growth Board work programme.

2. Overall Growth Board Work Programme Update

2.1 The March HGB meeting agreed priority work for the rest of 2020 (at that time the period of focus for negotiations with HM Government) to cover and including:
• Meeting the commitments set out in the letter to the Secretary of State from January 2020 on behalf of all Leaders;
• Responding to the invitation from MHCLG to work with them to develop a proposition to secure HM Government support (including our level of ambition, what can be achieved in next five years (delivery and devolution new models);
• An initial portfolio of prioritised corridor delivery projects known as ‘Wave 1’ including:
o Where detailed Business Cases for infrastructure interventions could be developed in time for Spending Review (SR) 2020 (i.e. before summer recess);
o Progress that can be made over the next 0 – 5, 6 – 10 years development and delivery window;
o Projects which will contribute to accelerated outcomes and recovery: employment sites, jobs and housing delivery (with increased affordable housing availability).

2.2 The workshop session that follows the Board meeting on 17/12/20 is being used to review overall progress by the Growth Board on its work programme in 2020 and to look at the work that will need to continue but also consider any new priorities for 2021.

3. Updates on Corridor Growth Delivery Programmes and workstreams – October to December 2020

3.1 Both Growth Corridors have now established Programme Board Governance arrangement and are overseeing the development of the Wave 1 projects into fully fledged delivery programmes, working to a set of agreed key deliverables and milestones. All projects have political and CEx/Senior Officer leads.

3.2 Project Management Office (PMO) supporting arrangements are now in place with a common suite of planning and reporting documents in use at the programme board and project team level.

3.3 Appendix 1 has an update from each of the corridor projects showing the most recent milestones and current project status. The majority of projects are making good progress (green rated) the small number of amber or red rated projects (or sub-components of projects) are generally so rated because of matters outside the projects control. Oversight of the projects allows the programme boards to review any actions at a Growth Board level where these would assist the project to move forward.

3.4 For oversight purposes the Accelerated Housing workstream has now moved to within the Southern Corridor Programme Board (but on behalf of the HGB as a whole), this builds on the close alignment needed with strategic growth sites projects within the Southern corridor.

4. Update on Place Narrative, Branding and Communications workstream

4.1 The HGB Micro site is live at

4.2 The three webinars on the work of the Growth Board and its partners, hosted by the Voice of Authority have now taken place and we saw good interest, attendance and positive feedback on the work of the Growth Board through that activity.

4.3 Press releases and social media updates have followed the progress of the Growth Board Joint Committee plans through council meetings in October, November and December.

Enhanced county-wide collaboration to deliver good growth and recovery

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council supports new joint committee for good growth

4.4 Our response to the ‘Planning for the Future’ white paper consultation:

Hertfordshire Growth Board responds to ‘Planning for the Future’ White Paper

4.5 Our HGB communications strategy has been refreshed and will be considered at the meeting in January.

5. Next Steps

5.1 Priorities for the coming month are to move forward with the implementation of the Joint Committee, the roll forward of the overall work programme and priorities for 2021 and to progress with the ongoing corridor programmes and project work.

6. Recommendation

6.1 That Leaders note the update in Appendix 1 and overall progress across the Growth Board programme and individual workstreams since the last meeting.