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December 2020 HGB meeting – Agenda

Published: 18 December 2020

AGENDA for a meeting of the HERTFORDSHIRE GROWTH BOARD to be held via Teams Teleconference on Thursday, 17 December 2020 – 09:30

Members of the Board

Council Leaders
L Cocking, Broxbourne Borough Council
A Williams, Dacorum Borough Council
L Haysey, East Herts District Council
D Williams, Hertfordshire County Council
M Bright, Hertsmere Borough Council
M Stears-Handscomb, North Hertfordshire District Council
C White, St Albans City and District Council
S Taylor, Stevenage Borough Council
S Giles-Medhurst, Three Rivers District Council
P Taylor (Mayor), Watford Borough Council
T Kingsbury, WelwynHatfield Borough Council

Council Chief Executives
J Stack, Broxbourne Borough Council
C Hamilton, Dacorum Borough Council
R Cassidy, East Herts District Council
O Mapley, Hertfordshire County Council
S Bijle, Hertsmere Borough Council
A Roche, North Hertfordshire District Council
A Foley, St Albans City and District Council
M Partridge, Stevenage Borough Council
J Wagstaff, Three Rivers District Council
D Nolan, Watford Borough Council
K Ng, Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council

Hertfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership
M Bretton, Chairman
N Hayes, Chief Executive

Hertfordshire Growth Board

P Dell, Director – Hertfordshire Growth

Hertfordshire County Council

M Kemp – Director Environment and Infrastructure
J Tiley – Head of Spatial Planning


Agenda list

1. Apologies (none)

2. Minutes
To confirm the Minutes of the Board meeting held on 13th October 2020 (attached).

3. Hertfordshire Growth Board – Constituting the Growth Board Joint Committee
Report attached

4. Hertfordshire Growth Board – Growth Board Joint Committee First Meeting proposed agenda
Report attached

5. Hertfordshire Growth Board (HBG) Programmes update
Report attached
Programme updates from Political and Chief Executive leads:
• Hertfordshire Southern East – West Growth Corridor Programme Board
• Hertfordshire Northern East – West North Growth Corridor and NEC Joint Planning Update

6. Standing items
a) South West Herts Joint Plan
Cllr Chris White, Political lead for SW Herts JSP Programme (verbal update)

7. Date of next meeting
The next planned meeting will be held on 26 January 2021 16.30 to 18.30 via Teams Teleconferencing unless advised otherwise.

8. Any other business
If you require further information about this agenda, please contact Stephanie Tarrant, Democratic and Statutory Services, Hertfordshire County Council on Telephone 01992 588062, or email